Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi 091 Trigun Vash the Stampede


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Copyright Yasuhiro Naito/Shonengahosha/Trigun Production Committee

[Latest Vash is used to realize new ideas moving to fluttering freely red coat]

- Based on the design of the Trigun movie version of 2010, Vash the Stampede is Revoltech full supervision of authorship Naito, Yasuhiro.
- Bold structure was adopted ten 4mm joint (2 each) to hem of five red long coat.
- Rather than just simply move, we have achieved a moveable action was not so far.
- Movement of plenty Keren taste can be enjoyed by fluttering hem of the coat to various directions.
- When replacing the tip of each expression will spread further.
- Demonstrate the action of the excitement in the joint of 26 places equipped with systemic.
- The jump, to run, shoot, you take any pose you want to be.
- Facial expressions of three serene look, serious face, sunglasses face is included.
- And holding hand pistols, hidden guns left arm is included.
- Optional hands included seven, including the two general-purpose holding hand.
- Adopted a 4mm revolver high moving degrees of freedom on the wrist, to accommodate a variety of gun action.
- Effect parts to perform the six gunshot fire in one comes, I will give the prime stage effect.
- Rubble stand the scene for reproduction, display stand, effect parts are included.
- And to a united front with the (No.92) released simultaneously Nicholas · D · Wolf Wood, play value will increase even more.

- Figure Height: 150mm
- Mobile site: all 26 places
- All 26 pieces revolver number of uses: 10mm × 4,8mm joint joint × 6,8mmW joint × 2,6mm joint × 1,4mm joint × 13

- Accessories: left arm hidden gun × 1, pistol holding hand × 1, Optional hands × 7, option face × 2,1 sound six consecutive shot effect parts × 1, Display Stand + Extension parts × 1, rubble stand × 1, the effect base × 1

Item Size/Weight : 21.6 x 21.6 x 6.6 cm / 275g

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