Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi 099 Getter Robo Getter Ark action figure


  • $99.99

Copyright Go Nagai / Ken Ishikawa / Dynamic Plan

- Finally the 99th product! By the power of Yamaguchi mobility and the Revolver Joints,
  the ultimate Getter has made appearance!

- Using 23 revolver joints on the ’Getter Arc’, work left by Dr. Saotome.
- You will be able to enjoy creating dynamic, violent action poses!
- The Getter Wings equipped to the back can be individually moved on the unit.
- You can line them like a cape, or spread them in an arc, enabling you to add motion
  or effect to your pose.
- The base of the wing has been equipped with the W-Joint. By turning the unit to spread
  the wings in an upward arc, you can reproduce the finishing move
  "Thunder Bomber".
- Also includes the Double Tomahawk. You can make it equipped on both hands, or
  attach the grips by using the grip connection parts to equip it as twin-blade,
  enabling you to match the situation!
- Comes with a face parts with wide-open mouth, and 6 option hands.
- Using the option hand with claws, you can reproduce the heroic action as it tears
  through the opposing machines.
- As the elbow and shin plates can be moved, so it won’t get in the way of your poses.
- Includes display stand and effect base. Compatible with a variety of battle scenes.

- Height: approx. 120mm
- Poseable areas: Total 29 places
- No. of joints used: Total23 (10mm joint x7, 8mm joint x4, 6mm W-Joint x 1, 4mm joint x11)
- Accessories: Internal Parts of Enemy Machine effect part x2, Option hands x6,
  Option Head x1, Getter Tomahawk x2, Getter Tomahawk Grip Connection Parts x1,
  Display Stand + Extension parts x1, Effect Base x1, Revo-Chip (10Points) x1,
  Revo-Container x4
Item Size/Weight : 21.5 x 21.5 x 6.5 cm / 324g

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