Union Creative Vulcanlog 013 Revoltech Yu-Gi-Oh! Revo Blue-Eyes White Dragon


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Copyright Kazuki Takahashi, Studio Dice/2016 [Yu-Gi-Oh!] Movie Ver. Production Committee
Full length: approx 220mm.

- Synonymous with Seto Kaiba deck. Of three-dimensional figure that has powered up a partner to love!

- Published in 2016 April 23, from the series start the 20th anniversary, all the world long-awaited new film [Yu ☆-Gi-Oh ☆ king THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS] rival hippocampus pay out monster card from among the [Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon] can do it!
- A new form of a superlative monster in light attribute-Dragon [Blue Eyes White Dragon],
Finally the first three-dimensional the Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon]! A big huge form was reproduced on a large volume of the total length of about 22 centimeters.
- Express the characteristic white of beautiful body to be the origin of the name in the Pearl paint. Entering the big wings, it fascinated even more beautiful blue gradient.
- 21 pieces of joint systemic produce a variety of movement, you can take any pose. By calculation has been split, operation or to wriggle the body like in the play, the figure that fly in the sky is determined to nature.
Appearance of the roar at the installation has been joint to be reproducible. Pause in the play, of course, it remains also think flashy action poses of Yamaguchi formula.
- Prepare a pedestal with a moveable strut that enables like floating in the air. Figure that has been summoned to the back of the hippocampus is no doubt that giving a defeat to opponents.
- When combining the [Seto Kaiba] of the same series, the strongest deck is completed! The bonds of hot partner timeless trying to reproduce in your hands!

- The moving parts: all 25 places
- Joint use number: 10mm joint × 1,8mm joint × 3,6mm joint × 5,6mm double joint × 1,4mm joint × 10

- accessories
Arm with stand × 1

- Sculptor: Morioka Ichiki
- Moveable supervision: Katsuhisa Yamaguchi
- Planning and Cooperation: Kaiyodo

Item Size/Weight : 22 x 21.6 x 9.8 cm / 270g

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