Playmates TMNT 1992 Ninja Turtles Mutations MUTA-SKI Terrain Sewer Cycle car NIB


  • $59.99

With a flick of the wrist, this total T.T.V. (Turtle Terrain Vehicle) turns into a jumbo judo jetski. Wheel covers jut out of fenders to form the sleek shell of this armored amphibious assault vehicle. Rear mounted rocket launchers slide to enable our hard-shelled heroes to blow the bad guys out of the water! And that’s not all – this viscious vehicle gives metamorphosis a new meaning as it goes through a total Turtle mutation. Kowabunga! Wet warriors are ready to rock as this T.T.V.’s front bumper mutates into sewer skis. It’s pennant pole becomes a tow line and balloon tires flip into floating pontoons. Hard-shelled handlebars extend upward to turn into a jetski control column; headlights flash into water blasters, and exhaust pipes become water-slappin’ propellers. And if that weren’t enough – this mutant machine also becomes the quintessential vehicle of a different color. The T.T.V.’s mean Turtle green shifts to wild & wet water colrs for the judo jetski! On land or sea, our sewer stars are ready to send Foot fiends flyin’!

© 1992 Playmates

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