Takara TOMY 2020 Beyblade Burst Metal Fight Fusion B-00 2020 Explosion Set

Takara TOMY

  • $119.99

Reprints of 5 popular beys from the anime "Metal Fight Beyblade Bomb" are now available!
Special specifications with all beys colored! Reproduced the colors of the time as a new bey,
"Galaxy Pegasys .5G.Jl'", "Ray Unicorno .1'P.U'", "Gravity Perseus .00B.Y", "Meteor El Drago .7V.Sp'", "Herkelbex .0L.Mb" are back !!
Includes limited edition Long Bay Launcher LR and Long Bay Launcher L!
In addition, a new illustration by Takafumi Adachi is also included inside the commemorative box!
About "B-00 Metal Fight Beyblade 2020 Explosion Set"
"B-00 Metal Fight Beyblade 2020 Explosion Set" is the second set of 5 popular Beyblades and 2 launchers of "Metal Fight Beyblade" remade to "Beyblade Burst" specifications.
The bey of the anime "Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion" revives with "burst" specifications
In this set, in addition to "Galaxy Pegasys.5G.Jl'" which is a remake of "Galaxy Pegasys" used by the main character "Steel Galaxy" (Hagane Ginga) of Manga. "Ray Unicorno .1'P.U'", "Gravity Perseus .00B.Y", "Meteor El Drago .7V.Sp'", "Herkelbex .0L.Mb" used by us are included. These 5 points are made according to the standard of "Beyblade Burst", and they also burst. In addition, there are some that can be modified or mode changed by removing the wheel part.
Each Beyblade is colored to give it a luxurious finish.
The launcher also reproduces the nostalgic coloring
There are two types of attached launchers, the "Long Bay Launcher LR" for both rotations and the "Long Bay Launcher L" for counterclockwise rotation.
"Long Bay Launcher LR" is the coloring and design of the launcher of "Gubiti Perseus" released in 2010, and "Long Bay Launcher L" is the coloring and design of the launcher of "Meteor El Drago" released in the same year. Each is reproduced.
Luxury package with newly drawn illustrations by Professor Takafumi Adachi
Inside the package, a new illustration drawn by Takafumi Adachi, the creator of the manga "Metal Fight Beyblade", is printed just for this product. The five reprinted braiders will be back in 2020.
Layer (5), Disc (5), Frame (5), Driver (5), Long Bay Launcher L (1), Long Bay Launcher LR (1), Sticker (2), Bay Code Card (1), Instruction Manual Book (1)
© Hiro Morita, BBBProject © Takao Aoki ・ BB2 Project ・ TV TOKYO © Takafumi Adachi, MFBBProject, TV TOKYO © TOMY
Special Note:
1) Booster Beyblades do not come with a ripcord or launcher, as starter Beyblades do!

2) Some of the V-Force (MG) Beyblades that use the magnetic spin gear core may have slight cosmetic wear to them being over a decade old the metal surface plating of the core may have degraded (delaminated) off, but is covered by the outer spin gear so you don't really see it. Slight tarnishing may have occurred to the weight disks, spin gears and other metal parts. Metal polish can be used to bring back the shine. 

3) These Beyblades being over a decade old you may find that the decal stickers might have little tack to them and have dried out a little, simply just use a thin layer of stick glue to increase the adhesive on the sticker decals.

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