Alicesoft 5pb Pastel Chime Continue Treasure BOX (Gamemag Premium)


  • $129.99

Saika Dakimakura cover / Lina boobs mouse pad / Cheats & visual fan book / Botan 3D pinup
Luxury BOX specifications
The luxurious box set "Pastel Chime Continue Treasure BOX" is finally released with the full cooperation of the major Bishoujo game maker Alice Soft!
This winter, a strategy book and visual fanbook fully compatible with the PSP version "Pastel Chime Continue" released from 5pb.
Responsible for editing the monthly game general magazine "Gamemaga". In addition, it is a "treasure" box that fans must bring together with all the main-class goods that can be said to be over-spec.
Most of all, the gorgeous appendix drawn by popular artist Mr. Onigiri.
The first of these is the life-size pillow cover of Saika S. Farnese.
On the back of the neat and clean uniform, you can see the super sexy Saika who can only be seen here.
The mouse pad has a three-dimensional shape with Rina's chest raised. The ultimate product with an eye-catching body line and feel.
Also, don't miss the 3D pin-up of the otaku girl, Suzuki Botan, who is an overwhelmingly popular sub-character!
The strategy & visual fan book has a volume of 128 pages and contains a number of masterpiece illustrations. In addition, a very satisfying book that also contains a PSP version of the game strategy.
This product, packaged with overwhelming volume and carefully selected goods,
For customers, it's definitely a treasure chest, and it's definitely a pear!

Commodity composition:
★ Includes four great luxury goods! ★
1. Saika Dakimakura cover (size 160cm x 50cm)
The heroine, Saika, was drawn down by a popular artist, Onigiri-kun, who also created the original characters for the game.
The incense Saika that the customer desires is drawn in full-scale, which is inevitable for fans.
2. Lina breast mouse pad
A discerning mouse pad that has been molded from scratch to create a solid surface.
The shape of the chest is completely supervised by Onigiri-kun. Enjoy the bold ridges and serene valleys of the heroine and Lina's chest.
3. Strategy & Visual Fan Book (A4 strange 128 pages / all colors / same cover)
Includes a gorgeous 128-page visual fanbook + strategy guide.
Includes not only illustrations of over 100 heroines, but also capture elements of the PSP version released earlier.
One book that satisfies the customer with a summary of the "Pascha" series.
4. Peony 3D pinup (size A4 size)
Successful 3D conversion of the enormously popular Suzuki Botan with pin-up!
Words can't express the finish that would make you jump.

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