Alter To Love-Ru Golden Darkness: Nurse Ver. 1/7 PVC figure


  • $179.99

Copyright Kentaro Yabuki, Saki Hasemi /Shueisha, Toraburu Darkness Production Committee
Height: approx 210mm.

- From [To Love-Ru - Rurou - Darkness], `golden darkness' appeared in the form of a nurse!
- Based on Mr. Kentaro Yabuki's illustration, it was three-dimensionalized by posing across large syringes.
- Dyed cheeks and looks as if you are a bit shy, the facial expressions are attractive.
- The silhouette of hair spreading and spreading directs lightness.
- A soft feeling of the thighs and soft wrinkles of the nurse clothes fitted to the body were carefully reproduced.
- Various texture expressions, such as nurse clothes with pearl paint and shiny pumps, enhance the sense of density, making it a finish full of highlights.

- prototype: sai
- Coloring: Nanakata Iron Forest


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