Arclight Miyabiya Bible Black Reika Kitami 1/8 girl PVC Figure


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Bible black is a powerful title that caused a worldwide repercussion in the blink of an eye as it was animated in 2001.
Its popularity and charming character group are inherited to the latest work currently in progress, and always new works
It is in a state that is awaited for.
● This fourth bullet is a 1/8 size Kitami Reika who became all the beginning as the center of the story
It is the first figure figure as a painted finished product!
● The fourth bullet, Kitami Reika (Kitami Reika) is a school health care practitioner. She is very important in the story
It is one of the central character. It is good that she is all the culprit. And she is always its fascinating
Using the body, I am looking for a girl with purity (Virgin). Sexy health doctor's teacher,
It is fascinating for any boys. In fact it is hard to meet, Professor Kitami Reika
It's an ideal and enchanting existence.
● The figure of this time is wearing a Sexy Bondage costume of Kitami Reika who seems to be her.
The texture and detail are three-dimensionalized at a very high level. The physical reality,
We have already received great praise at every part of the site concerned.
● Making a model is Bizen Bizen. Mr. Mr. has a lot of experience in other brands, and has hit a number of hits so far
It is a transcendent technician that keeps on living. This time, as well, to fully demonstrate its outstanding physical modeling interpretation,
I am copying it in a 2.5 dimensional figure.
● Chest parts & skirt detachable!
● With base.
● Height: approx 20 cm
Copyright Bible Black Figure
Weight: 346 g


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