AZONE 036 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Takamachi Exceed Mode 1/6 fashion Doll

AZONE International

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From "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS", the indomitable Ace of Ace and Nanoha Takamachi have finally become flocked and are back in the hybrid active figure series.
The barrier jacket and your favorite intelligent device, Raising Heart, have been upgraded to Exceed Mode, which was a big success in the latter half of StrikerS!
And we succeeded in faithfully reproducing that characteristic hairstyle, which was said to be difficult to reproduce by flocking, with "Transcendent Flocking"!
The best "Nanoha Takamachi" that we are particular about in everything is here now ...

With a craftsmanship, I dare to challenge the flocking of character designs that could not be reproduced with conventional technology!
The characteristic bangs of Nanoha and the characteristic twin tails in the sky have been beautifully reproduced so far.
Please take the craftsmanship directly and see for yourself.

1/6 Hybrid Active Figure 036:
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS / Takamachi Nanoha (Takamachi Nanoha) Exceed Mode

■ Size: 1/6 Height approx. 27 cm
■ Head: Soft vinyl flocked head
■ Body: Obitsu Body 27cm SBH-M Whitey
■ Costume: Barrier jacket (Exceed mode)
■ Attachment: Raging Heart Exceed Mode

(C) Nanoha StrikerS PROJECT


Caution about Azone fashion doll:
1) Color Transfer possibility
Doll made of PVC may get stains from color transfer out of the outfits/shoes/hair, especially from the deep color ones because of item is already manufactured and stored for a long period of time.

It cannot be avoided completely due to the dyestuffs contained with materials.

2) About shoes for some models
Some doll body is designed that each part (included foot) can be taken apart and attached easily. 
Socks will help you with taking feet out of her shoes.
Regarding boots or high-top shoes, recommend to put feet away from her legs previously and put shoes on her legs (without feet)
In case bare foot is left inside of her shoe, use warm water to help removing it. Do not use hot water to prevent scalds.

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