Bandai Digimon Digital Monsters Xros Wars Fusion 09 Sparrowmon action figure


  • $69.99

High-speed wings dancing in the sky! !

Reproduce "Digimon Cross" with a deformable combination! Cross figure series!
SPA Romon's articulated figure figure.
Boimon digital memory attached.

Sparrow type: bird type
It is a Digimon specialized in air battle that fly at high speed without sound.
Not only speed but also small turning, it has mobility to pull off sudden turn without pain.
"Wing edge" which cuts enemies with wings by passing each other while changing the trajectory constantly at high speed is because of advanced flight technique.
A gun with both hands is a pair of handguns called "Sanaolia" by brothers guns made by the same masterpiece as Beelzebumont's "Berenjena".

set content
1. Sparrow body
2. Digi memory (Bimon)
3. instruction manual

How to Play Digi-Memory
Insert it into "Digimon Cross Loader" (sold separately) scheduled to be released in the fall of 2010, and summon Digimon! !

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