Bandai Digimon Digital Monsters Xros Wars Fusion 08 Cyber Dramon action figure


  • $49.99

It appears from the other world and Digimon Hunter!

Reproduce "Digimon Cross" with a deformable combination! Cross figure series!
Cyberdramon's articulated figure.
Metal Garurumon Digi Memonry card Attached.

Cyber dramon type: Alien type
"Cyber Braider" which cuts enemies with the spear that I got while turning around the rotating tail. "Death Divider" which rotates around the spear as an axis and attacks with the tail, "Gratton Fang" which stretches the ribs suddenly from the chest to skewer the enemy, and the like tricky movement of the enemy toss the enemy, anomalous technique I am good at surprise attacks that give a stroke with.

set content
1. Twin Lancer
2. Cyberdramon body
3. Digi Memory (Metal Garurumon)
4. instruction manual

Mailbird Ramon (sold separately) and Digimon Cross! Metal Greymon completed! !

How to Play Digi-Memory
Insert it into "Digimon Cross Loader" (sold separately) scheduled to be released in the fall of 2010, and summon Digimon! !

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