Bandai SONY PSP Portable AKB149 1/149 Love general election Special Japan ver.


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Not just AKB48. SKE48! HKT48! NMB48! Finally, a total of 149 people have appeared!

■ “AKB48”, “SKE48”, “NMB48”, “HKT48”, 149 people from 4 groups

The game starts in a dream-like situation where 149 people AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48 “love you”.

... However, the player can choose only one member from 149 members.

Of the 149 idols who are approaching one after another, can you mercilessly shake 148 and choose only one?


■ Various delusional situations are recorded

The confession scene is a high quality movie scene! All 149 people have different situations, and it's just a "confession of God" movie!

Members appeared in "wedding dresses", confessed by members on "heliport" and "red carpet",

You can enjoy romantic delusions in a wider variety of situations.


■ All 149 videos, photos and voices are newly recorded

New videos, photos and voices of each member.

Both the number of photos recorded and the recording time of movies are the largest volume in the series.


* Appearing members are AKB48 Team A, Team K, Team B, Team 4,

SKE48 Team S, Team KII, Team E, NMB48 Team N, Team M, HKT48 Team H are 149 people.

* Member composition as of August 23, 2012


■ "AKB 1/149 Renai General Election First Limited Edition Super Luxurious BOX"

・ Game software "AKB1 / 149 Love General Election" (PSP version is UMD 2 disc set)

・ "AKB48" special video DVD (4 discs, about 400 minutes)

・ "SKE48" special video DVD (3 discs, about 300 minutes)

・ "NMB48" special video DVD (2 discs, approximately 200 minutes)

・ "HKT48" special video DVD (1 disc, approx. 100 minutes)

* Special DVD includes bonus footage and other special videos

・ "AKB48", "SKE48", "NMB48", "HKT48" Special Swimsuit Photo Book (150 pages or more)

・ 10 raw photos

・ Special storage box



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