Bandai Tamagotchi business card carrying case (Green with Mametchi & Kuchipatchi)


  • $14.99

Make a business card of Tamagotchi who got a job with En Tama (sold separately / ¥ 2940) and let's exchange it with your friends!

You can put the business card you made into a case with a strap. Tamagotchi's name, occupation, date of birth, attributes and so on can be written "five cheats" 5 ☆ Tamagotchi sold separately can be attached to the part of the hook!

"En Tama Misashi no Rakurupo" is a sale of all three types of bean paste, meat, and ketchup at the same time. ※ Tamagotchi is able to get a job "Super Shin-eenjoy! Tamagotchi Plus "series only.


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