Dive Professor Layton Vinyl figure


  • $99.99

Leighton, a British gentleman who solves many difficult cases!
Appeared as a cute swinging figure!

Height: approx. 130mm

More toys for the fans of the charming and cultured English gentleman Professor Layton and his little apprentice Luke. The first movie will be shown soon and like the perfectly observant man that Layton always is, he has released a series of toys for you because he knew that you are impatient, especially those of you who need to wait for the DVD release.The Layton and Luke mini figures are carefully painted so that portrays the simple elegance in the game graphics. The figures can turn their heads. So have them take a look at each corner of your house and find puzzles to solve. Each of the mini figures come with a puzzle card, excercise your mind under the watchful eyes of Layton and Luke.



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