Clayz Takeshi Miyagawa Tenshi no Onnanoko Angel girl 1/6 PVC figure


  • $39.99

From T's System (Miyagawa Takeshi) comes this completed version of his original "Angel Girl". A fabulous sculpt with lots of curves and T's System's typical style. Though she's nude, there is nothing explicit about this figure; she's beautifully innocent and stunning in pastel tones. You'll need to mount her to the included base and arrange the clear 'nest' material (like Easter egg packing) around her bottom if you wish.

Imagine your anime dream girl. Who would she be? Chances are, Takeshi Miyagawa (T's System) may have skillfully sculpted her. He is a true master of transposing those feelings and emotions of those characters into their garage kit counterparts. Born in 1969, he diligently began sculpting in junior high, little did he realize at the time, his passion for his hobby would eventually become his career. As his skill matured over the years, he eventually showcased his works bi-annually at Japan's premier garage kit & hobby expo. Many of his revered works include characters from Chobits, Ai Yori Aoshi, Love Hina, Ah! My Goddess, and many others including a multitude of his own alluringly original characters.


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