FuRyu Girls und Panzer der Film Miho Nishizumi Panzer vor! Swimsuit & Tank Ver. 1/7 PVC figure


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Copyright GIRLS und PANZER Film Projekt
Height: approx 220mm.

- Panzer · 4 (Four)! `Enjoy four posings' Swimsuit-style West living!

- From [Girls & Panzer Theatrical Version], Heroine / Nishi livedoor became a 1/7 scale figure wearing swimming clothes & tank fans of the team.
- Tank type floating rings are removable!
- From the rushing pause on a dazzling sand beach, enchanting knee standing pose, and then ... `Tank length mode` can also be represented!
- You can enjoy 4 poses with one item, exactly `Panzer · 4 (Four)! `Nice, cute & fun figure of West living has been made!

- Not only gimmicks! Attention to modeling
Attaching and detaching tank type floating rings, not only to the gimmick of the posing, but also sticking to the shaping thoroughly. Shimmering in the summer sea, Miho's fun expression, carefully made up to feminine soft proportions, skin texture, swimwear wrinkles carefully.

- Coloring that sticks to the texture of the skin
I expressed the movement of Miho's soft skin and muscle by the gradually applied gradation to the healthy skin color illuminated by the sunlight of the summer.

- Tank length mode too! It is a figure you can play!
Tank float is detachable! Combined with the foot parts of the attached [standing knee], you can enjoy 4 poses including swinging suits in swimsuit poses, knee standing poses, unique tank length mode! I was able to do 'Panzer · 4 (Four) West living indeed!

- Inside of the floating ring is flexible material and degree of freedom in the angle of the floating ring!
By using soft resin parts inside the floating rings that come into contact with the skin, you can support the floating rings with the waist without any auxiliary parts. Actually supported by the waist, tilting the floating rings and wearing, realized the range of expression in the posing. In addition, soft parts that touch the skin are molded in clear, preventing color transfer to the skin of floating wheel parts.

- Sea of \u200b\u200bthe base uses clear parts
The beach sea which becomes the pedestal is expressed with clear parts, expressing the beautiful summer sea, and supporting the Miho running along the beach firmly.

- Now [Panzer · 4 (Four)! ]
[Decorate it is cute] [Playing and having fun] Please take the 1/7 scale figure of unique West living by all means.

- Prototype production: Design Coco
- Coloring Production: Hinoki and

Item Size/Weight : 33 x 32 x 20 cm / 1451g


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