Han Yinhong Korean Tai Chi 6 Year Platium Honeyed Ginseng whole roots 900g box

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Korean Ginseng Han Yinhong is located in Geumsan-gun, the first production base in Korea. We strictly select high-quality raw materials at the best time and produce the best quality ginseng products through cutting-edge equipment. Since its inception, Han Yinhong has positioned its business policy towards the development of overseas markets. It has set up a number of directly-operated stores in Hong Kong and has been well received for its high-quality products. Han Yinhong always meets the needs of customers as its top priority, and strives to become an influential and worldwide Han Yinhong.

Tai Chi ginseng is boiled in water and then dried with hot air to remove the moisture. The shelf life is about two to three years. Its attribute is warm, so it is suitable for ordinary people to eat.

Single vacuum package, each pack approx. 200g (4-5 sticks/box). Total 900 g.


Introduction to the effects of ginseng fruit

* Balance blood pressure * Weak stomach * Regulate blood sugar
*Weak liver *High cholesterol *Mental weakness
*Excessive uric acid *Weak energy *High blood lipids *Those who are addicted to alcohol and tobacco
*Respiratory system sensitivity *Cough and qi regulation *Skin sensitivity
*Bright eyesight *Weak resistance *Indigestion *Chest tightness and shortness of breath
*People who smoke too much *Osteoporosis
*Weakness before and after delivery *Indigestion *Weak energy
*Unbalanced nutrition *Strong spleen and liver fire *Lack of blood gas after surgery
*Migraine *Prenatal and postpartum weakness *Physiological pain
*Poor memory *Endocrine disorders *Lack of sleep
*Joint pains *Soothe the nerves and calm the nerves *Anemia, cold hands and feet

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