Kaiyodo NEO Capsule Alien vs. Predator Gashapon figure (set of 5)


  • $49.99

Capsule Q Characters The memorable first step is to reproduce the sci-fi classic "Alien", which was the best-selling even in special effects Revoltech, with transcendental real details of a trajectory that has never been seen!
In the movie "Alien", we will deliver a scary creature that grows while metamorphosis as a figure with details that have been built to the limit of mini size. In the third form, two types are produced, including the famous pose with the waist bent. Please also enjoy the space suits worn by the Nostromo crew who confront the monsters, with a classical atmosphere.
1. Alien First Form"Face hugger"
2. Alien Second Form"Chest Buster"
3. Alien Third Form"Big Chap" (1)
4. Alien Third Form"Big Chap" (2)
5. Nostromo for extravehicular activities Spacesuit
Alien TM & (c) 2010 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved
Special Note: Capsule ball is not included.

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