Kaiyodo Revoltech Figure Complex Movie Revo 011 Disney Winnie the Pooh


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Copyright Disney.Based on the `Winnie the Pooh` works by A.A.Milne and E.H.Shepard
Height: approx 95mm.

- Pooh, a leisurely gluttonous bear, moves it as it is with a calm atmosphere!

- Appears as an animated movie [Winnie the Pooh], the main character Winnie the Pooh has become a movable figure.
- Three-dimensional form of a pretty round form as an acorn as it is in the drama image. It is reproduced without leaving a stuffed toy feature that is seen, healed, and you want to touch it unintentionally.

- Paying importance to Pooh's atmosphere that the stuffed animals are moving, the parts of the joints are arranged in an inconspicuous manner so as not to distort the shape.
- By taking advantage of the skillful joint structure with the ball joint of the chest and the axis movements on the abdomen, it is like a baby standing like a stomach when the stomach emerges and the post protruding slightly, a bit unbalanced You can reproduce both the lovely sitting atmosphere.

- Arrangement of the revolver joint on the base of the arm, hip and ankle, neck and ear.
- You can positively express your emotions with gestures or ear movements that tilt your neck and you can pose a number of adorable movements you showed in the play in exquisite form with minimal moving parts.

- Mr. Poo's big appeal to show honest feelings.
- With this item, you can reproduce the name scene in the play by exchanging facial parts.
- In addition to the usual facial expression which lightly lifted one eyebrow like Pooh's, four kinds of frown smiles that eat a lot of honey, a face that got drowsy and became sleepy, and a frown face to show when my favorite honey disappeared It is attached.

- It is indispensable to say Pooh, honey of the favorite favorite. Always comes with a pot containing honey on hand!
- You can express the appearance of deliciously eating honey by attaching effect parts of hanging honey, attached to the edge of the pot, and having it in the hands of Pooh.
It is also possible to remove the head part and attach the pot.
- You can reproduce the comical figure which can not be taken by putting his head into the honey pot.

- As optional parts, mufflers to wear in winter, stubbed design chairs that can sit, wood branches are included. By having a branch of a tree in hand, it is possible to reproduce the situations that follow the mouth that you showed in the play and the scene that plays a bonfire.

- You can reproduce situations where only the butt sticks to the hole of a tree or the entrance of the rabbit's house protruding.
- Removing is possible from Pooh's waist down.
- Since the lower body parts have built-in magnets, by affixing them to a refrigerator or a metal wall, it got stuck in the entrance of a tree hole or a rabbit house, and the situation where only the butt sticks out You can reproduce.

- Optional parts
· Optional face × 3 (smile, sleeping face, frown face)
· Honey part × 1
· Stubble chair × 1
· Wooden stick parts × 1
· Muffler parts × 1
· Option hand × 6

- Moving parts: 15 in total
Use joint
· 6 mm joint × 7
· 4 mm joint × 2

Item Size : 21.5 x 21.5 x 6.5 cm


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