Kaiyodo Revoltech Muv-Luv 002 Shiranui Type-2 XFJ-01a Demonstrator Color


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Height: approx 125mm.
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- Reproduce the deployment sheath knife! Yuya hero color printer test flight.
- At Side Story, a lieutenant on board aircraft demonstration Yuya Bridges hero
Shiranui Type-2 XFJ-01a Revoltech version of the demonstrator colors.
- Reproduce every detail the unique characteristic body color testing machine operation was visible priority.
- Knife sheath attached to the forearm arm deployment, deployment and can reproduce the situation when stowed.
- 6mm double joints attached to the waist in both jumping into the unit markings, movable flexible.
- 6mm double joints connected to the system back on a movable stretcher Weapon Type 74, corresponding to different poses.
- Movable Type 74 weapons systems stretcher is capable of holding across the halberd and 87 close combat assault gun Type 74 expression.
- The Type 74 is movable armament stretcher system with extended parts. Forward toward a possible assault gun with 87 formula.
- Optional hands excitement Image 4 for species status and direction for holding the weapon.
- Scene slashing melee dagger with both hands Eta 65 expression, such as shooting a scene expression Eta 87 assault guns
Possible poses of the body to produce a feeling of dynamism.
- 2012 [Total Eclipse] determines animated!

- Where movable valve body (17 points total)
- Actual number of uses revolver (12 total): 10mm × 3,8 mm joint joints × 4,
Joint 6mm joints × 3 × 2,4 mm

- × 2 × 1,65 proximity combat knife assault gun Type 74 expressions × 1,87 halberd melee accessories
Armament Systems movable arm type stretcher × 2 × 2,74 deployment sheath knife (supplied 6mmW joint),
Jumping unit × 2 (supplied 6mmW joints), Optional hands × 4, × 1-type base effects,
Display Stand Set × 1, × 1 ribbon container

Item Size/Weight : 21.6 x 21.6 x 6.5 cm / 256g

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