Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi 059 Full Metal Panic! ARX-8 Laevatein New Package


  • $39.99

- The will has been passed on, the menacing new type Arm Slave.
- Machine armed with the greatest amount of optional parts in the series, the ARX-8 Laevatein have returned as a new version with brand new packaging!
- Take a look at this delicate movement system, with overwhelming detail and vast amount of weapon parts!
- Sharp, yet powerful, a machine that gives an image of a Spartan has joined the revoltech series, with the silhouette from the animation and its movement combined.
- With a total of 18 mobile parts, a scene where it vigilantly runs across the battlefield can be recreated.
- The wide range of action poses available to this product is only made possible because this is by Revoltech Yamaguchi!
- You can recreate many actions and poses with the many weapons that appeared in the animation, exchangeable option head and 5 option hands.
- 10point Revo-chip/Revo-container included.
- The specification of the product itself is the same as that of series No.59. 

- Total 18 mobile parts
- No. of joints used: 16 total (10mm joint x7. 8mm joint x2, 6mm double-joint x1, 6mm joint x6)
- Includes: Demolition Gun x1, Gun houser mode barrel x1, Shot gun x1, Shoulder increase unit x2, Molecular Slicer x2, Molecular Slicer (storage mode) x2, Anti-tank dagger x2, Grenade x2, Connection parts (for shoulder) x1, Robot Arm (for shoulder) x1, Robot Arm (for chest) x2, option head x1, Option hands x5, Display base x1.

- Height approx. 125mm
- Copyright Shoji Gato, Doji Shiki/Jindai High School Student Council
Weight : 262g

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