Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi 119 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with Wing ver. LR-052


  • $99.99

Equipped with a [Glenn wing! Coalescence Lagann transcendence]

- Glen comes with a giant wing flight is also available to the action. The base and wing
8mm joint connection.
- Connect the 6mm double wing joint moving parts, can support a variety of flight form.
- To demonstrate the performance for mobile, launched a 19 revolver in place, daring
Achieve the action.
- Use a 10mm joint to the fuselage.
- And to the movable body part, you can put a face to face Glen of the chest.
- The back cover is equipped with a 6mm shank joint.
- When bending the knee to slide, moving up significantly representation.
- Glenn boomerang of the chest, the chest by the replacement parts, can reproduce the two-time and use when installed.
- Comes with full size core drill accessory items are important in the play.
- And by inserting no part in the joint and remove the drill, to drill equipped with huge Lagann
It is possible to!
- Glenn boomerang comes with optional parts rich, hot-blooded head, hand, etc. type of replacement 4.

- Height: 120mm approx.
- All 19 locations where mobile
- 19 Total joint use: 10mm joint × 9,8 mm × 2,6 mm joint joint × 7,
Joint 6mmW × 1
- Accessories: × 1 Glen wing base, wing Glenn × 1 (left and right), head exchange × 1, × 4 wrist replacement,
Core drill × 1, sunglasses × 1, × 1 chest parts, container ribonucleic × 1,
Display stand set × 1

Item Size/Weight : 21.5 x 21.5 x 6.5 cm / 274g

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