Kotobukiya 4-Leaves Muv-Luv Alternative Schwarzesmarken Irisdina 1/7 PVC figure


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Height: approx 130mm.

[I'm a friend of differents]

- As a spin-off project of [Muv-Luv Alternative], loved by fans than [Schwarzenberg smart Ken], captain, iris Deena Bernhard [(Schwarzenberg smart Ken) sentenced black No. 666 tactical machine Squadron] East German Army tactical machine troops three-dimensional for the first time in bikini pure white to heal tired drawn in in the works, at the public baths of mixed bathing.
- CARNELIAN, who is responsible for the illustrations and character design is drawn, it is a gem beautiful lines and delicate, gorgeous facial features were also reproduced carefully.
- It brings out a fair Yawahada her bikini pure white gold studs has been decorated and finished to the nines in Pearl painted blonde swaying delicate molding to the bristles.
- Calamity Jane is of blue eyes that wield the shrewdness as captain, look at the soft smile of temporary rest is very attractive.
- Katya of the main character, also Ryizu figurine planned from the same work.
- The base of the clear blue we have in the form to enjoy side-by-side figures of three people.
- Figure first edition of [Schwarzenberg smart Ken].
- Please enjoy the beauty of the iris Deena in your hand please.

Item Size/Weight : 19.2 x 18 x 18 cm / 561g

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