Kotobukiya Cu-poche Frame Arms Girl Stylet action figure


  • $44.99

Height: approx 120mm.

--Cu-Poche frame Arms Girl. Because next'm my turn!

--Moving fun cute figure of pocket size [queue Posh].
--Series than the 36 series was animated also been announced as a spin-off of each aircraft `Pretty of` was of Kotobukiya original robot content [frame Arms] [frame Arms Girl], FA Girl to the air and the main battlefield [Stiletto] ] is appeared.

--Queue Posh] and the new action figure series of pocket-sized.
--Deformed characters who of only head 2.3 is a rich mobile Despite the small body, you can enjoy free to pose.
--By the soles of the magnet take a lot of pause and a breeze is on top of the only base, you can reproduce the various facial expressions and impressive scenes of the characters in the enhancement of accessories.

--Both arms, both legs, the back pack, place the shaft hole of 3mm diameter corresponding to Weapon series and frame Arms series of weapons and exterior of MSG, which series a huge variety.
--In the axial hole of the wrist made of PVC and 3mm [queue Posh FA Girl Stiletto] is also
You can play along with the MSG Weapon series and frame Arms series.

--Armored forehead magnet detachable. Backpack and chest armor is also detachable, you can enjoy even in a state of light equipment.

--Accessories: face parts two (Doya 顏, warning face), the replacement for the wrist set (open hand, grip hand, two possession), only base (foot magnet support), the movable strut set (strut, arm strut, extension) parts (fine and thickness)), for accommodating a chuck bag

--Sculptor: Yoshihiro Nishimaru

Item Size / Weight: 21.3 x 17.2 x 8.2 cm / 281g


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