Kotobukiya Daiteikoku Lertih Adolf Ultimate Idol 1/8 PVC Figure


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● Height: approx 200 mm

● Sieg Heil! Heil Adolf!

● Popular game maker "Alice Soft" launched in 2011, from Regional Expression SLG "Great Empire"
The popular No. 1 heroine Lertih Adolf appears!
● Undergraduate graphics motif "idol ver." "Military uniform ver. (Chibi Adolf)" three-dimensionalized.
● It becomes product of 2 body set.
● Refreshing blue ribbons and skirts give the sparkling shining stage costume a unique texture
Reproduced by clear parts.
● Peeping from the fluffy skirt "White Niso" & "Garter Ring" is a Moe Point!
● Nico and rarely showed in the middle of the work Letia with a perfect smile is exactly the ultimate
It is an idol!
● faithfully reproduced the hurried appearance to scrape off the ultimate idol image in such imagination,
Also a quality of "quality military uniform ver. (Chibi Adolf)" is included as an extra.
- The base is "Starfish ver." Is a star type, "Military Uniform ver." Is the Emblem of Dokuto Third Empire
What I imagined.
● Even if you decorate the two together and reproduce the graphic, it is good, even if you decorate separately, good goods and
We now have.
● Takumi Advertising Philosophy Under the guidance of Goebbels, the attractiveness of Letiaer pulled out to the maximum

Item Size / Weight: 24 x 19.1 x 16 cm / 506 g

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