Kotobukiya Mega Man X Series Rockman ZERO 30th Anniversary Model Kit


  • $99.99

Height: approx 160mm

─ ─ [Awake me and what are you going to do ...]

- Rockman Plakit series, [Rockman Zero] reappears!

- It was released in 2002, pioneering new Rockman fans with innovative world view and character character. Even now it boasts a strong popularity [Rockman Zero] to the leading character [Zero] will appear in the Platkit.
- Reproduced coloring centered on the main character character of the Rockman series so far struck [red × navy blue] in the molding color. Crystal of forehead is clear molded.
- Attached weapons are [Z Saber] [Buster shot] [Hand parts for zero knuckle reproduction].
- The light blade part of Zet Saber is clear molded.
- The waist part parts are also attached to those in the state that Zet Saber is pulled out. You can use it according to situations. In addition, the character of the Zuck of the Zero Knuckle is reproduced in painted.
- This product boasts one of the most flexible range of the series that made full use of the know-how cultivated in the character placott.
- In addition to [Eye movement gimmick] by the replacement that became a standard, two expression parts are included, coupled with the high actionality of the kit and attached weapons, it is possible to reproduce various scenes.
- Package was responsible for the character design of the Rockman Zero series [Tohru Nakayama] drawing down.
- In addition to specially painted multicolor kit specifications, since it is designed with a limited number of parts, even beginners of plastic model can assemble with peace of mind.

[Product specification]
- [Zed Saber] [Buster Shot] [Hand Parts for Zero Knuckle Reproduction] included
- Clear molded part of Zed Saber's light blade
- Zero knuckle's palm's [Z] characters are painted and reproduced
- The parts of the waist are also included in the state of extracting Zed Saber
- 2 kinds of facial parts included
- Depending on the movable gimmicks and accessories of each part, various situations can be reproduced together with the action
- The package was responsible for character design of the Rockman Zero series [Toru Nakayama] drawing down

Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 7.5 cm / 350g


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