Kotobukiya Muv-Luv Alternative Inija Shestina Eishi Strengthening Equipment 1/7 PVC figure


  • $56.99

Copyright Koki Yoshimune, ixtl / Alternative First Plan
Height: approx 165mm.

[Total Eclipse] Eji strengthening equipment complete!

- Exit the TV anime of the 2012 popular, a game released in PS3, Xbox 360 in May 2013
I refrain from [Total Eclipse], Eji of go-getter called [(Scarlett twin) sister of the Red]
[Ini~a-Shesuchina] is an appearance in Eji strengthening equipment figure!
- Attention to detail to detail with a sense of hard Eji strengthening equipment, and soft body line
It becomes the finish which to highlight.
- Appearance you smiling look fragility pushing, sit on top of the rubble and showing their knees slightly seems Ini~a,
Hair lilac trail softly is one of the attractions.
Connection is possible with [Kurisuka-Byachenowa Eji strengthening equipment (Sold separately).
- Please enjoy, a figure three main heroine of [Total Eclipse] are aligned.

Item Size/Weight : 22.3 x 21.1 x 16.3 cm / 568g

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