Max Factory figma SP-008 Disney fireball Winter Package with figma Drossel Gizmo ver. with DVD

Max Factory

  • $49.99

Drossel is a humanoid robot with a slender figure and skirt-like waist. Her model, the JUNO-XIV, is the most human-like body in Fireball, with the addition of fingers, solid feet, proper proportions, and bipedal movement. With proper attachments, drossel is capable of combat moves, flight, and multiple other capabilities.

Her design also features "hair" long metallic pigtails that the reach below her knees, that is interchangeable with other parts for "hairstyles". Her body itself is of a metallic white/silver combination that varies with the lighting, and the layer of metal below her armor (at the joints) appears to be black in color. Like the rest of the machines in the series, she Drossel does not have an actual mouth to speak with, and her eyes are aqua colored bulbs with no pupils or direction.


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