Megahouse Excellent Model RAHDX G.A.NEO Mobile Suit Gundam Ramba Ral 1/8 figure


  • $179.99

Copyright Sotsu/Sunrise
Height: approx 220mm.

- It is different from Zaku, what is Zaku

- From the Megahouse High Quality Figure Excellent Model RAHDXG.A.NEO Series, the popular character of Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeon's blue giant Ramba Ral is a long-awaited resale!
- Name as a guerrilla shop, Geon, Takeshi Osamu who is placed at first glance from the Federation Army will revive with a colored finished product figure of about 1/8 scale.
- Realistic shaping and painting reproduces the wide body and sharp eyes along the image of the play, bringing out the charm of astringent adults to the fullest.
- Waist weapons come with two types of pistols and long guns, you can change according to your preference.
- Please expect from the Lamba Lal resale of the supreme realized only because it is a mega house which sticks to the Gundam character.

- Prototype: Black Sabbath
- Coloring: Tc

Item Size : 26 x 23 x 13 cm

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