Playmates TMNT 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Casey Jones Action Figure MT-08


  • $49.99

The Turtles’ Good Friend with the Bad Attitude!

Judge, jury and enforcer! That’s Casey Jones and “GOONGALA!” is his battle cry. Casey has a unique sense of what’s right or wrong and you better be on the side of right or he’ll slapshot you upside the head with his hockey stick. This hockey mask-wearing vigilante roams the streets of New York City serving up his brand of quick justice to punks and thugs. Casey loves reality TV because his own life is so unreal. After all, his four best friends are mutated 15 year-old pet turtles who talk and are ninja masters!

  • Power Punch Action
  • 6" figure
  • Hockey stick, golf club, bat, weapon bag and shin pad
  • 2003 edition 53050 53059
  • ages 4 up

© 2003 Playmates



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