SOUYOKUSHA Soul Wing Four Great Beauties in China Yuhuan 1/7 PVC figure


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Copyright SOULWING
Height: approx 130mm.

-The rumored princess, Princess Yang Gui, has arrived! Look at the plentiful beauty body at a close distance!

-Yang Ki-hee (June 22, 719 (June 1, 7))-July 15, 756 (June 14, 1989) is the emperor of the Tang dynasty of China. Princess. Last name is Yang, first name is Yuhuan. Princess is a title that represents her rank as a princess. Emperor Genso's favorite princess. It is said that Emperor Xuanzong was so beloved that he caused Anshi's rebellion because he was too beloved. He is one of the world's three largest beauties and one of the four ancient beauties of ancient China (Sishi, Wang Akira, Ten Cicada, Yang Gu Ki).

-Now, a famous Chinese artist, Bison Rat, has drawn down and created a unique interpretation of SOULWING. This is it! It is a Chinese ancient plump beauty, Yang Yuan!

-Prototype production: SOULWING
-Production cooperation: SOULWING
-Color: Ao

Item Size/Weight : 36 x 21.4 x 18.2 cm / 847g


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