Square Enix Bring Arts Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age Hero The Luminary

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- From the latest work of Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest 11, the hero appears in Bringing Arts!

- It is possible to reproduce various scenes in the play by spreading the range of motion due to the use of soft parts as well as modeling reproducing the image in the play.
- In coloring, it is a finish that sticks to details with fine adjustments to the texture of leather goods and clothes, gloss of the sword and shield, shadow color as well.
- In addition to equipments such as Ishi's sword, brave's sword, brave's shield, familiar slime, Kurucchi of the Ichchi family, the hero who became a fish etc. are also attached, you can enjoy the view of the world in the play while you are watching.

- Size: Approximately W47 mm × D 42 mm × H 142.5 mm
- Accessory parts: Binguarts exclusive pedestal, Ishi's sword and brave's sword, brave's shield, changing hand x 4, slime, curcuchi, fish hero

Item Size : 23 x 18 x 7 cm


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