Square Enix Bring Arts NieR RepliCant Nier & Emil

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-Nier and Emile appear in the bringing arts from [NieR RepliCant], which depicts the story of brother and sister living in a dying future, a distant future!

-From the story of his brother and sister living in a dying future, [Near's Replicant], the protagonist, Neir, and experimental weapon No. 7 Emile, who travels with him, appear as a set in the bringing arts.
-In addition to the adjustment of color and gloss, and the reproduction of the pattern of the costume, it is the finish that stuck to the detail with the visual effects with a great look.
-For Nea, there are four types of hand-held swords and hand parts, including white books mountable on pedestals.
-Emile comes with 4 types of canes and hand parts.
-Furthermore, Emil can be reproduced in the play floating in the air by mounting it on a pedestal.
-Nea, a lonesome, weird, yet lovable Emile.
-You can reproduce the various scenes in the work while keeping the presence of the two people.

・ Niea: About W63 mm × D 24.3 mm × H 160 mm
・ Emile: Approximately W52mm × D36.6mm × H116mm

-Supplied parts: Base for carrying arts × 2, white book, two-handed sword, cane, replacement hand × 8

Item Size/Weight : 23 x 18.2 x 7.2 cm / 376g

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