Takara TOMY Yujin SR SEGA History collection Family Computer (set of 7)

Takara TOMY

  • $149.99

Sega game hardware that vividly colored the end of the 20th century.

The machine where the latest technology was gathered was a game boy's longing for.


Successive machines come back with perfect modeling. We also have accessories such as controllers and cartridges.

set of 7. Line up

•Mark III system including 2 joypads, FM sound unit, Fantasy Zone cartridge & game card
•Master system including 2 joypads, Phantasy Star cartridge & game card
•Mega Drive system including 3 button joypad, Master System Adapter & Alien Soldier cartridge + secret
•Mega-CD system including Super 32X, 6 button joypad, Virtua Fighter 32X cartridge, Mansion of Hidden Souls Game CD & case
•Saturn system including 1 joypad, Virtua Fighter 2 game cd & case
•Dreamcast system including 1 joypad, VMS, Puru Puru Pack, Space Channel 5 Game CD & case

(C)SEGA,1986 (C)SEGA,1985
(C)SEGA,1956 (C)SEGA,1987
(C)SEGA,1991 (C)SEGA,1995
(C)SEGA,1993 (C)SEGA,1993~1995
(C)SEGA1994,1995 (C)SEGA,1999
SEGA, SEGA MARK III, MASTER SYATEM, MEGA DRIVE, MAGA-CD, SEGASATURN, Dreamcast are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA CORPORATION.

Special note: Capsule ball is not included.


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