Union Creative Vulcanlog 012 Kaiyodo Revoltech Yu-Gi-Oh! Revo Seto Kaiba

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Copyright Kazuki Takahashi, Studio Dice/2016 [Yu-Gi-Oh!] Movie Ver. Production Committee
Height: approx 165mm.

- Eternal rival of the game! Seto Kaiba a movable figure three-dimensional!

- Published by the series start on April 23, 2016 to be a 20th anniversary, appeared eternal rival Seto Kaiba of the hero game from all over the world long-awaited new film [Yu-Gi-Oh ☆ ☆ king THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS]!
- Now his movie to draw the world after we send out Atemu to the underworld. It was three-dimensional overflowing figure full of confidence to reign as the highest peak of the duel's (Duelist).
- 15 joint systemic produce a variety of movement, you can take any pose. Pause in the play, of course, it remains also think flashy action poses of Yamaguchi formula.
- Characteristic cloak let Namiuta big, you impress strongly the figure standing of the hippocampus. Even took a big moving pose, we are molding in perfect balance so as not to collapse.
- Prepared in order to reproduce in the play and [card] the possession card] to the left and right. Further decided pose the left and right of the [open hand] to reproduce also included. Tell the other party, you can produce a figure of absolute victory of the hippocampus.
- The new Duel disk is already attached to the arm! In addition, the new card is reproduced in transparent material, it does not feel uncomfortable with in the play.
- Optional face luxury three types. Wear to look the hippocampus seems to `` grin [smile]. In representation of the time card summon Duel [shouting face] In addition, when you gave determine the victory, and to opponents shoot the texture lines [loud laughter face] [my turn! ][draw! ], Such as coming involuntarily hear the voice of the hippocampus, we have provided a rich look.
- Arrange for a visual stand to support your favorite illustrations. It is a transparent production, has a consideration so as not to interfere with the Duel.
- Can be reproduced and combining the Muto game] of the same series, the duel of legend! Strongest deck appears and further align the [Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon] in the same period! Trying by all means reproduce the strongest duelist fight each other!

- The moving parts: all 25 places
- Joint use number: 10mm joint × 2,8mm joint × 3,6mm joint × 6, returns 4mm joint × 4

- accessories
Options Hand × 4
Options face × 3
Card (for the draw for the / hand-held)
Visual stand × 1

- Sculptor: Masahiko Kagawa
- Moveable supervision: Katsuhisa Yamaguchi
- Planning and Cooperation: Kaiyodo

Item Size/Weight : 21.8 x 21.8 x 6.7 cm / 253g

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