Kaiyodo Revoltech Muv-Luv 003 EF-2000 Typhoon Cerberus Brigade Custom


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Height: approx 125mm
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-The main option is the Mk-57 company support gun deployed by Bipod!
-West German Zellberth battalion machine is revoltech!
-The Mk-57 company support gun is connected to the supporting bipod with two 4mm joints.
-Can be reproduced when deployed and stored.
●A jumping unit is attached to both hips with a 6mm double joint, allowing for flexible movement.
-The movable armament stretcher system is connected to the back with a 6mm double joint, supporting various poses.
-The movable weapon stretcher system can hold the BWS-8 long sword and the GWS-9 assault gun.
-Four types of optional hands for holding weapons and for commanding the situation enhance the image.
-Shooting scene with Mk-57 company support gun with both hands, attack scene with BWS-8 long sword, etc.
Possible to create a dynamic feeling of the aircraft.

-Movable parts: Main body all 17 places
■Number of revolver joints used: All 12 units (10 mm joint x 3, 8 mm joint x 4,
6mm joint x 2, 4mm joint x 3)

-Accessories: Mk-57 company support gun, BWS-8 long sword × 1, GWS-9 assault gun × 1,
Mobile armament stretcher system x 2 (6 mm W joint included), jumping unit x 2 (6 mm W joint included),
Optional hand x 4, effect type base x 1, display stand x 1, revo container x 1
Package size/weight: 21.6 x 21.6 x 6.5 cm / 256g

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