Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi 102 Neon Genesis Evangelion Evolution EVA-02


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- The 2nd volume of Evangelion Evolution is [Evangelion Unit 02]
- Having created 100 figures of the series and always coming up with new ideas,
  Katsuhisa Yamaguchi has developed a new mobility mechanism of Evangelion,
  creating a neo standard.
- In this Evangelion Evolution series, the newly developed joint mechanism has been used in
  many places, covering any unnaturally exposed joints, as well as surpassing the 
  past Eva with stylish exterior appearance, achieving coexistence of both looks and mobility.
- The feel of weight applied properly across the body or the pose with the waist seated,
  having power concentrated to one point etc. are only achieved by the Yamaguchi mobility.
- This series includes a gadget to reproduce the battle scene from the animation every time.
- For this Unit 02, a ’Mid-air Rotating Spin Base’ is included.
- By setting the Unit 02 onto the base and turning the handle, you can recreate the
  rotational spin from the air combat scene.
- By changing the connecting parts, a leg-folded forward spin can be achieved also.
- You can enjoy an atmosphere of a vignette by attaching the feeler parts of the
  7th Angel to the base.
- You can attach the see-through core of the Angel to the back of the leg of Unit 02 with a pin.
- You make a cool display with the kick pose that destroyed the 7th Angel.
- By fitting the knife into the crack behind the Angel’s core, you can reproduce
  the battle scene of the 8th angel as well.
- You could also attach the core to the display stand to make it float, enabling you to enjoy
  the various playing ideas.
- The Unit 02 includes the Midair Advancement S-Type Equipment (gliding unit), enabling
  you to enjoy two different styles by swapping the shoulder armor and the forearm parts.
- Equipped with the Super Electromagnetic Archery Gun and Prog Knife.
  To reproduce various scenes from the animation, there are 12 exchangeable
  hand parts included, such as grabbing, holding, running, aiming hands etc.

- Height: approx.: 140mm
- Points of Articulation: 22 points total
- Revolver Joints used: 16 total (10mm x2, 8mm x8, 6mm x2, 4mm x4)
- Accessories (27 parts total): Midair Advancement S-Type Equipment (Shoulder) x2,
  Midair Advancement S-Type Equipment (Forearm) x2, Progressive Knife x2,
  Super Electromagnetic Archery Gun x1, Umbilical Cable x1, Midair Rotational Spin Base x1,
  Spin Base attachment part x1, 7th Angel’s feeler parts x4, Angel Core part x1,
  Option Hands x12, Clear Display Stand Set (10mm Revolver Joint x2)
Item Size/Weight : 21.6 x 21.6 x 6.5 cm / 293g

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