Furuta choco egg animal collection Pet animal Trading figure (set of 33)


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The second in the "Pet Animal" series. Nishikigoi has been added to make it gorgeous. Actually, there are many people who can not keep pets even if they want to, and they were used as healing items.
furuta choco egg animal collection animal mini figure (part 2), set of 33 (include the secret figure):

036: Nishikigoi (red and white)
037: Nishikigoi (three colors)
038: Nishikigoi (gold)
039: Belznofrog (normal)
040: Berznogaeru (albino)
041: Welsh Corgi
042: Golden swan
043: Black swan
044: Persia (Chinchilla Silver)
045: Persia (Chinchilla Golden)
046: Persia (blue & white)
047: Jungarian hamster (normal)
048: Jungarian hamster (white)
049: Pug
050: Pug (black)
051: Chinese goose (normal)
052: Chinese goose (white)
053: Drop ear (Brown)
054: Drop ear (black & white)
055: Drop ear (Brown & White)
056: Bull Terrier (white)
057: Bull Terrier (Brindle & White)
058: Kierikuro Button Parakeet (Yamabuki Button)
059: Kierikuro Button Parakeet (Blue Button)
060: Kierikuro Button Parakeet (Lucino)
061: Discus (Brown)
062: Discus (red line)
063: Discus (solid blue)
064: Leopard gecko (normal)
065: Japanese cat (gray + white)
Secret: Bastet God x 3 types

Figure is approx. 1 inch x 1.5 inches in size. Simple assembly is required.

Special Note: Box removed

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