Kaiyodo Revoltech Fist of The North Star Hokuto no Ken Revolution 017 Kenshiro


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Reborn Kenshiro, now! To Shura no Kuni! 

-Kenshiro who went to the country of Shura appeared in [Fist of the North Star Revolution] with a new movable structure.
-By moving the hip joint that has dramatically increased freedom, it is possible to reproduce a variety of foot techniques.
-By changing the angle of the movable axis of rotation of the chest and neck, more dynamic movement has been obtained.
-The 14 main joints are equipped with revolver joints for a spectacular fighting scene in the country of Shura.
-Leather suits are realistically modeled down to each wrinkle.
-Two types of heads are available, one with goggles and one without.
Enhances play value.
-The options for both arms to reproduce the sleeveless are powerful modeling of muscular strength.
● Eight optional hands are included. You can also enjoy wearing Ein's gloves.
-A super-luxury option that also includes a club and a decoration stand to defeat the zaco.

"Long-selling figure complete works"
-A complete set of figures delivered monthly from the treasure trove of characters [Fist of the North Star]
[Fist of the North Star Revolution] Third season.
● In addition to being able to start the collection at any time,
-Announce items that are to be sold and collect them in a planned manner.
● With a revolver joint and a revolutionary joint structure, it is cool
 You can take action poses as well as collect characters that keep increasing every month,
It is also possible to reproduce the famous scene in the play.
-Please look forward to the complete collection of Hokuto figures, which will increase the thickness of the lineup.

-Figure height: 145mm
● Movable parts: All 20 places
-The total number of revolver joints used: 14: 10mm joint x 2, 8mm double joint x 2,
8mm joint x 3, 6mm joint x 7
-Accessories: Option head × 1, sleeveless arm × 2, club × 1, optional hand × 8,
Display base x 1

Copyright Buronson/Tetsuo Hara/Coamix
Package size/weight: 21.8 x 21.5 x 6.5 cm / 238g

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